Humbled to be of service to so many souls who feel more inner peace! Grateful for your trust!

March 14 2024

Matatea Changuy

Ele is a goddess of all trades! I’ve worked with Ele in so many capacities and there hasn’t been anything from the physical or metaphysical realm that she wasn’t able to guide me through. From channeled branding and business strategy to akashic reading, ego death and everything in between, Ele has been able to hold space for it all and me in all the stages of my transformations. I’ve met Ele at the beginning of her dharma coaching journey last year and she has blossomed into a powerful healer and spiritual teacher. One of the things I love the most is her calm and neutral state as it helps me get there and come back to my own center. She inspires me and she has definitely become one of my go to healers. I’m grateful for her and highly recommend working with her.

April 1st 2024


Having a morning session with Eleonora was a great way to start my Monday morning. The session took around one hour and was absolutely amazing! Eleonora started warming up the body and then continued with different breathwork exercises. Each one of the exercises took me deeper and deeper into the collective consciousness – the one and only place where you can gain endless energy and knowledge! During the third exercise, Eleonora appeared in front of me in an energetic form. She had huge white angel wings that she used to help me fly into the collective consciousness with. I was so calm and relaxed, knowing I was guided by an angel that I came out of there as a reborn. The energy that I gained during this morning session took me peacefully through the whole week! Thank you so much, Eleonora! You are my angel 🙏

November 10, 2023

Melissa Pini

Ele is such a powerful guide – it was an absolute pleasure to connect with her in an Akashic Record session and have her share her powerful gifts with me! ✨I went into our session feeling confused and lacking in creativity and inspiration. Ele was able to gently guide me into releasing some of these energetic blocks that were keeping me stuck feeling this way. Ele made me feel safe, very seen and shared some empowering insights to help me remember who I truly am! Ele shared so much of her wisdom with me, especially through the lens of astrology which helped me to really honour my spiritual nature with confidence. Now, looking back on our session and linking her insights to some of the recent events in my life, I can truly see how spot on Ele was with what she shared in my reading! Thank you so much beautiful Ele!💗

October 10, 2023

Josie Anderson

In my spiritual coaching session with Ele, I was able to uncover deep questions regarding my soul’s purpose. Through her guidance and divine channeling, I gained clarity on the visions I had but could not make sense of. ✨ The way she explained what she was channeling was very clear and matched what I had been contemplating. 😍
She has a profound way of connecting her intuition for the greater good of humanity. 🌸 I feel confident in using what I have learned from our coaching session to live a life truest to my divine self. Her guidance will allow me to reach people in a way that I never knew before. I would highly recommend Ele as a spiritual life coach. 💞🙏

December 10, 2023

Tiffany Mallare

Wow. My session with Ele was so powerful. We unearthed some things from previous lifetimes that fully resonated with my current life. Experiences I had as a child that I never went back to revisit came back as a wave that washed over me. But it was what I needed because it’s what I could feel within myself. & ironically it’s things that I am healing in this lifetime. Incredibly beautiful and moving and I highly recommend going through a session with an open heart and an open mind.

November 4, 2023

Myan Pham

Ele is an amazing coach! We worked through a lot of my feelings of blame and guilt from my previous relationship. Through embodiment, I was able to breathe through my anxiety and reach clarity around my situation. I learned that in judging myself, I am blocking love from myself. Ele reminded me how to be present in the moment to process my emotions.

October 4th, 2023

Kaitlyn Mazzarella

Ele and I had the most incredible coaching session. Coming into our session, I was feeling a lot of heavy grief and wanting to avoid it. Ele coached me through a beautiful practice of sitting with my grief, connecting with my loved one, and enabling both of us to move on peacefully. It was such a powerful session, and I left feeling so much lighter after carrying so much heaviness into our call. I can’t wait to connect with Ele again ❤️

August 20 2023

Mariana Figueroa Blanco

Ele is an exceptional teacher. In our sessions, we explored a diverse toolkit of experiences that helped me navigate the specific areas of my personal development journey, including inner child healing, grounding meditation, self-confidence empowerment, and Akashic readings. She serves as a catalyst for holistic growth and empowerment. I am incredibly grateful to the universe for bringing us together in Bulgaria. I’ve learned so much from our sessions and from her personally. I highly recommend working with Ele; she’s an incredible coach, and her unique expertise adds immense value to the process.

December 8th 2023

Anisha Chauhan

Working with Ele has been eye opening. I love the way she held a safe space to support me in navigating past issues. She guided me through a soothing meditation to understand forgiveness and compassion on a deeper level. Ele allowed me to unlock parts of myself which were closed off to possibilities. Ever since our initial session, I remind myself of the mindset change – its been a huge mindset shift.
On another session, Ele went through the most spiritual path in my Akashic Records. It was so incredibly insightful. I’ve never had these read and really was inspired to want to know more. I highly recommend Ele for any deep spiritual work you want to dive into.

December 27 2023

Torny Wigum

I had a beautiful session with Eleonora. She guided me through a mediation before she started the reading so I was in a calm and grounded state. She provided me with so much valuable information through the reading. Everything that came through was very on point with my current situation and also what steps and direction I need to take in order to fulfill my mission. What I also liked was that she connected the information with astrology and everything made so much sense. After the session I felt so motivated to start my project and also more focused to take action. The session was an initiation and activation for my next step in life. Thank you so much Eleonora for this session. You are such a light and thank you for sharing your magical gifts. I can highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a reading, support and guidance on their journey. Eleonora is amazing. 


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