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This is my first time working with Eleonora.
My impression is that she is a very creative and talented person with original ideas and dedicated to her work. ☀️☀️☀️
I would happily work with her again! ❤️

Lora Ivanova


Until now, I didn’t trust anyone with my blog. I thought I was the only one to understand myself. I am endlessly happy that I get to work with a person who understands me and sees what I see. We shoot quickly and produce amazing shots. It’s a true pleasure to work with Ellie because we learn from each other and we don’t stop growing. The inspiration from the teamwork is apparent when the person in front of you has the ambition to unfold their potential with every upcoming project.

Karin Okolie

Public Figure

She is a creator in the absolute sense of the word! A distinctive style with which she tells us stories through her photos, taking us to their depth - deeper dimension. It was a pleasure to participate in her project!

Mirena Sabeva

Cosmetic care expert

Nicole Guergieva

Personal Coach

Eleonora is an innovative, kind, and fair-minded person with an inquisitive mind. She is the go-to person for new marketing and business trends. Her readiness to help combined with her assertiveness and ability for self-management make her a very good mentor and leader. She brings a spirit of fun and camaraderie to any team. Eli appreciates and respects her colleagues and partners. With her, you can expect open discussions, transparency, and dedication that is evident in her work. I am grateful to have had the chance to develop under her mentorship. I would recommend her as a loyal partner to anyone.

Ana Valeva

Senior Employer Branding Expert

Working with Ele is inspiring! I wouldn’t turn to anyone else when it comes to marketing & digital content creation. She has a strong artistic vision, a unique perspective, and is really devoted to every project she is involved in.
Most recently, she helped me with the marketing for my exhibition “In my Skin”, something that is very personal to me. And I am so glad that I got to collaborate with someone that not only brings professional expertise to the table, but is also so open, and I could trust & expand my project with.

Siyana Raykovska

Multidisciplinary Artist

Ele is an extraordinary photographer with an amazing attitude and soul full of creativity. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with her and I absolutely recommend her.

Lina Ivanova

Brand Expert

Ele is a professional with unique approach. She turned my fear of being in front of a camera into a pleasant and fun journey. Ele took amazing shots for my professional portfolio and helped me show my profile to the business world just the way I wanted to be seen. She is easy to work with and willing to step in and take the leading role. Ele exceeded my expectations and I strongly recommend her.

Teodora Bobcheva


Ele is a really good photographer, as one of her previous model, I can say that she really help me to feel more confident in front of the camera. She also achieved to show who I really am into her portrait while adding her own style.
I would really recommend to work with her !

Margaux Alliger

IT Specialist

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