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Here you can find more about me and how I got to transform people’s lives for a living. I went through a lot of challenges in my life, until I started living according to my dharma. My soul was screaming for attention until I finally transformed my life through a variety of techniques and modalities that I am ready to share with you so your soul can break free, too!

About Eleonora

Her Approach

With a heart-centred approach, Eleonora seamlessly weaves together the dimensions of channelling, dharma coaching, energy healing, breathwork, art, and entrepreneurship to guide individuals on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and fulfilment.

Eleonora’s deep connection to the spiritual realm fuels her passion for helping others unlock their true potential and find purpose in their lives. As a spiritual coach, she combines ancient wisdom with modern insights, creating a unique and personalized experience for each client. Her guidance extends beyond conventional coaching, delving into the realms of dharma, and helping individuals align their actions with their higher purpose.

  • Eleonora is a recognized channeler able to deliver a special custom message to her clients to help them gain clarity, deeper understanding of themselves and direction.
  • Through energy healing Eleonora helps her clients move and release the blocks in their body resulting in healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Her intuitive abilities and compassionate nature create a safe space for clients to release blockages, fostering a sense of balance and harmony.
  • Through pranayama breathwork she guides her clients to calm their nervous system or activate their energies and connect them deeper to their bodies with a sense of feeling safe.
  • Eleonora’s artistic spirit adds a creative dimension to her work. Through art, she encourages self-expression as a powerful tool for personal growth and healing. Whether through visual arts, movement, or other forms of creative expression, Eleonora invites her clients to tap into their innate creativity as a means of self-discovery and transformation.
  • In the realm of entrepreneurship, Eleonora brings a holistic perspective, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs to align their business ventures with their values and spiritual principles. Her approach fosters conscious business practices, promoting success that is not only financially rewarding but also soul-nourishing. After a decade in Mass communication, including roles as marketing and brand manager, and a co-founder of a creative agency, Eleonora understands the needs of the modern entrepreneur.

Eleonora’s brand, Eleonora.love, reflects her commitment to love as a guiding force in all aspects of life. Through her coaching, healing, and artistic endeavours, she invites individuals to embark on a journey of self-love, empowerment, and spiritual awakening. With Eleonora as a guide, one discovers the profound interconnectedness of all aspects of life, creating a harmonious and fulfilling existence.

Growing up

Born and raised in 1994 in Lovech, Bulgaria by a big family I spent my childhood summers in a small village where she was encouraged to play with nature and explore art with no boundaries. Until winning a scholarship as an exchange student in the USA, she appeared as a quiet misfit in school. All her current work is deeply inspired by her life when she was growing up. Her vision is to create a life closer to nature, with a community spirit and tribal values.

At 16 she left herhome country through the YES program for young leaders. In her American school, she studied Ceramics, Creative Writing, Philosophy, American Literature, Cooking and more. Eleonora was encouraged by a great team of teachers to think critically and explore creatively all types of different ideas and artistic practices.

As a Public relations student at New Bulgarian University, she gained experience in PR and marketing through various internships at well-known Bulgarian companies. She spent my summers expanding my skillset through scholarships for Business education and professional skills at Babson College and Lehigh University. During this time She became more familiar with spiritual and art practices and how they mix with business and entrepreneurship. 

After The Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she felt deeply called back to art and nature and applied for yet another scholarship, this time from the National Fund of Culture. At 27 Eleonora debuted as an artist with a multi-disciplinary exhibition called The Human Experience that included her artworks from a very early age to that moment showcasing photography, childhood photos and videos, writings, essays, diaries, a film and an art installation. The exhibition aimed for her to step into the art scene but also to bring back human connection, by exploring the interconnectedness between spirit, nature, body, feelings, ego, consciousness and society.

In 2021 she enrolled at New Creative Academy to study Performance and Science & Art with a scholarship. The courses finished with a group exhibition and I performed the piece “Liberation” and presented the beginning of “Keys to Consciousness”.

After numerous completed and ongoing collaborations with fellow underground and well-known artists as a director, photographer, actress, model and stylist, Eleonora is ready to join forces with more social causes that are worth fighting for including education, natural preservation, health and wellness, and human and animal rights.

She now serves humans from all around the globe while combining all of her talents and skills to live in Dharma and teach others to do the same. She organizes spiritual gatherings & ceremonies. She offers digital and print art & tools for evolution.She continues to expand her skillset and education


“There is no other spiritual teacher than your own soul.” – Swami Vivekananda

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My Mission

If you are going through a spiritual awakening, a challenging situation or just want to reflect on your life in a multidimensional way, you are at the right place.

My mission is to make your process as smooth as possible, to support you, answer all the questions to work through any doubts, fears and blockages and help you fall in love with each breath of life.

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The Key is


Don’t give up to early, great things take time. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Have patience and allow magic to happen in your life. I dedicated years to learning and establishing my goals to help me achieve my dream self and lifestyle. You can do it, too.

What is the proccess like?

Our Ancient Future

Learn to combine ancient practices and knowledge with modern opportunities and lifestyle.

Certified Spiritual/Dharma Coach

Certified by Dharma Coaching Institute, I am able to share with you the process of discovering your dharma, your soul purpose and to support you through any challenging moments while on the path of self-awareness. I ask you the right questions, give you homework and if you are ready you can request a channeled message.

Pranayama Breathwork

Currently in the process of certifiying for a breathwork instructor, I have already implemented pranayama to my daily routine and it has been lifechanging. Breath is life and it teaches you to be present, it helps you process emotions, it cleans your whole system - mind - body - soul. All sessions include breathwork.

Energy Reading/Healing

I am a certified energy healer and a channeler and I can help you understand your energy better as well as support you in bringing it back to balance. All sessions include inner work meditations.

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A special place for women

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Beyond all of my certifications, in this lifetime I chose to be a woman. So I have a special dedicated place in my heart to sisterhood and working with feminine energy. Veshta is a safe space for women to connect to our inner knowing, share our wisdom and heal the witch wound.

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